about us

Dinglong Quartz Limited is a quartz material manufacturing company headquartered in Jiangsu China. Dinglong has been engaging in researching and producing fine quartz materials since 1987. The product range includes fused silica, fused quartz, quartz powder, quartz tube and quartz crucible. Dinglong’s quartz materials and products are nowadays widely used in refractory, electronics, solar, foundry and other special applications and are distributed within domestic markets and to overseas markets.


  • Fused Silica

    Fused Silica

    High purity fused silica (99.98% amorphous) Available in both flour and grain forms Versatile mat...

  • Fused Silica Flour

    Fused Silica Flour

    High purity fused silica (99.98% amorphous) Low heat expansion properties provide high thermal sh...

  • Fused Silica Grain

    Fused Silica Grain

    High purity fused silica (99.98% amorphous) Low thermal expansion coefficient, consistent chemist...

  • Quartz Crucible

    Quartz Crucible

    A Reliable Product Quartz crucible is the necessary container for the production of monocrys...

  • Quartz Tube

    Quartz Tube

    Lighting We have a wide product range of quartz tubes for lighting applications and can fully mee...

  • Silica Powder

    Silica Powder

    High purity quartz powder (99.3% crystalline) High hardness of 7(Mohs) High chemical resistance L...